System Integration

Achieve system integration through APIs, webhooks, and email integration. Overcome challenges, improve efficiency, and enhance collaboration for streamlined operations.

Overcome issues that come when working in silo functions and turn isolated systems into streamlined ones with System Integration.


We bring together your systems using Restful or SOAP APIs, Webhooks, and email integration, so your operations can run smoother than ever.

Unlock the full potential of your business systems!

Seamlessly integrate your processes and data with our expert System Integration services. Schedule a consultation now and elevate your efficiency.

Advantages of Unity’s System Integration

Reduce Double Entry

When systems are not joined together it often means that data outputted from one system needs inputting to another costing time, effort, and money.

Improve Accuracy

Re-entering data into another system can result in mistakes, typing errors, assigning data to the wrong record and a host of other easily avoided inaccuracies.

Data Consistency

Ensures that common lists like customers and users are replicated across different sub systems. This also makes it easier and quicker to add or amend records in your system.

Reduced Bottlenecks

When moving data is not automated it’s a difficult thing to put off which results in longer processes than necessary.

Reduced Spreadsheets in the Organisation

Everyone loves a good spreadsheet but not all of them are necessary taking time and effort to manage, with system integration you can cut down Excel outputs.

A Happier Team

Moving data from one system to another is a time consuming and frustrating admin headache. Give your team more time to work on more productive areas of the business.

Experience the power of connected systems with our System Integration!

Say goodbye to siloed data and inefficiencies. Get in touch today to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

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