About AI Software

As the software, systems, and consultancy division of Unity World, we specialise in enhancing companies’ processes through software. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes across various sectors such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Leisure, and Engineering, so we’re guaranteed to have worked with one like yours before.

We understand the complex nature of software development, so you don’t have to, it’s in our nature to make it as easy for you as possible. That’s why we skip the jargon and focus on giving you straight-talking support.

We implement a 7-step proven process called “Project Journey” on every project to ensure you get top-quality software and systems. How does this work?

Why us?

It’s What We Do

We’ve been designing and building bespoke software for years that automates tedious and time-consuming business processes. We want to help you do more work in less time, so you can keep on achieving bigger and better.

We Use Steadfast Systems

From learning about your organisation to deployment, we enjoy building programs that create positive change. We get great satisfaction from bringing clarity to your business and improving customer and/or user experience.

We Make Technology and People Work Better Together

Our software is designed to be easy to use, fit for your specifications and provide you with the right data to help make better informed business decisions.

Have a project in mind? Get in touch for a chat and see how we can help you.

How does Unity, Unify?

We assemble the many silos within tech support so we can be the one-stop shop for customers. Why is this a good thing, you ask? Well, it means our customers can benefit from the offerings of the wider business with one preferred supplier. The Unity Way is simple: offering the right solution, at the right price, all the time.

Unity World is well established in the UK, providing a wide range of IT Communications solutions to its customers; our purpose is Unifying through our specialist expert business units:

Our solutions include Information and communication system support, managed IT & Comms support services, ICT configurations, support of classified information and communications services, IT and Communications Infrastructure and maintenance, User help desk and Data Centre operations. We do provide custom-made solutions to address our customers’ specific challenges.