Switch to efficient web-based systems with Unity AI for consistent processes, accurate data, and faster transactions. User-friendly webforms ensure seamless automation with full support.

Move away from paper legacy forms to efficient web-based systems so that you can:

  • Standardise your process to offer an improved experience to your customers.
  • Centralise your forms so they’re easily accessible.
  • Improve data accuracy to offer more consistent reporting.
  • Speed up the process of customer transactions.
  • Rest assured knowing you aren’t relying on a paper trail that won’t be easily lost or damaged.

At Unity AI, we provide webforms that allow you to easily complete forms online. Our professional-looking system enables real-time form filling that updates consistently so you can automate with ease. We understand this transition can be a big jump for a lot of businesses, so whether you’re making your first step or simply need updating your systems, we have you covered.

Transform your business processes, increase efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Experience the power of streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. Start your digitisation journey now and stay ahead in the digital era!

Advantages of Unity’s Digitisation

Remove Paper from the Business

Offer customers a more professional experience and reduce your paper usage by converting paper forms into digital ones.

Improve Consistency & Standardisation

With digital forms you can control what data is required and the format that you want to display it in allowing you to control the data that is gathered.

Deliver Data to Customers Quicker

With built in workflow, once your digital forms have been completed you can set rules to send it to customers for accepting and sign off.

Reduced Double Entry

Paper forms often means at some point you have to re-enter the data into a system to log the information digitally, remove this admin burden from your business.

Reduce Errors and Lost Forms

Paper forms can easily be lost on the way back to the office which can result in return visits, missed reports, and upset customers. Remove this issue with digitally based forms

Automatically Allocate to Users

Allows visibility and clarity in your team and allows you to balance schedules properly by allocating & distributing tasks equally amongst your team.

Axiom Engineering Associates Ltd.

Axiom Engineering Associates Ltd. provides specialist asset management to a wide range of sectors, ensuring safety, compliant operation, and reliability within business. Previously, their onsite surveys had been completed on paper-based forms and typed up into their database, which was time consuming and resulting in delays between survey completion and customer invoicing. We built a front-end UI for digitally based inspection forms, using XML-based schemas to feed the data into the existing database.

“We are delighted with the results. Unity AI Software understood what we wanted and offered suggestions on how to use features that the hardware and software offered.”

Adam Potter, Managing Director

Don’t get left behind – digitise your business today!

Embrace the benefits of automation and innovation to stay competitive and deliver exceptional experiences to your customer. Take the first step towards digitisation and revolutionise your business!

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