Customer Portals

Customer portal enhances interactions, self-service, document management, and support. It streamlines sales by accepting proposals and offers access to guides, articles, upselling, etc.

A customer portal is a valuable tool that allows your customers to interact with your business and perform self-service task. It’s handy for:

  • Account documentation: Your customer portal can act as a document management system when you can store relevant files related to a customer. This feature allows your admin team to save time as customers can access important documents like invoices directly without needing assistance.
  • Help desk support: A customer portal can serve as a platform for customers to report problems and raise support requests. This feature helps you manage customer experience effectively and resolve issues promptly.
  • Sales process management: Your portal can streamline your sales process by allowing customers to discuss and accept quotes or proposals.
  • Knowledge-based access: If your customers are struggling with using your products or services, a customer portal offers a place where they can helpful information such as user guides and knowledge-based articles.

Customer portals allow you to promote and upsell opportunities, while offering a cost-effective support mechanism to your customers, improving customer engagement, and reducing unnecessary administrative workloads.

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Advantages of Unity’s Customer Portals

Automate Key Operational Processes

Allows you to offer a consistent service to customers and helps to ensure clarity to your team and what they should do next in the process.

Track & Manage Support Requests

Use your customer portal as a help desk solution so you can record and manage customer support issues.

Create Quotes & Orders Automatically

Include your sales and order processes in your customer portal to track and manage quoting & fulfilment, the life blood of your business.

Centralise Customer Data

Move away from spreadsheets or customer lists in different silo systems. Centralised customer information allows global changes to be made quickly and easily.

Customer Self Service

Free up more of your time and reduce customer frustration by allowing them to access customer documentation and updates on orders and support cases.

Better Retention of Information

With a knowledge base, you can centralise data, allowing more people to deal with issues and ensure that business information is shared and retained.

Advanced Vehicle Leasing

Advanced Vehicle Leasing (AVL) is a trusted vehicle leasing provider in the UK following strict compliance regulations set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The AVL team needed a system that could provide better visibility and control over compulsory compliance checks. We built a system that sat within their existing log-on and authorisation page, which centralised order information for all teams and allowed them to regulate this process with ease.

“At AVL, our primary focus is on delivering excellent service to our customers and making the vehicle leasing process as simple as possible. This system helps us to do this and improves the way in which we manage our customers and quotes.”

Clarke Beagrie, Director

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