Our Products

Bespoke software offers tailor-made applications to meet specific needs. MYBE provides a ready-to-use solution for efficient business operations, including customer management, user control, and streamlined module access from a user-friendly portal.

Elevate Your Efficiency with Custom-Built Software Solutions

Bespoke software refers to tailor-made applications or programs designed to meet specific needs and requirements of a particular organisation or individual. Unlike off-the-shelf software, bespoke solutions are custom-built, offering precise functionalities and seamless integration to optimise efficiency and enhance performance. This personalised approach ensures that the software is uniquely suited to address the unique challenges and goals of the user, promoting greater flexibility and scalability while maximising productivity and user satisfaction.

CRM Systems

CRM systems automate customer management, order processing, billing, and help desk functions. Unity AI Software advocates custom solutions for better alignment and growth.

Customer Portals

Customer portal enhances interactions, self-service, document management, and support. It streamlines sales by accepting proposals and offers access to guides, articles, upselling, etc.

System Integration

Achieve system integration through APIs, webhooks, and email integration. Overcome challenges, improve efficiency, and enhance collaboration for streamlined operations.


Switch to efficient web-based systems with Unity AI for consistent processes, accurate data, and faster transactions. User-friendly webforms ensure seamless automation with full support.

Unleashing the potential of SaaS Applications

MYBE (Make Your Business Easier) is our ready-to-use solution for managing your business operations. Simply sign onto our portal, and you’ll have access to all the tools you need. We’re constantly developing new modules and upgrading existing ones to make your experience even better.

With our integrated solution, you can effortlessly manage customers by maintaining and utilising a customer list across all customer-interacting modules. Control user access and permissions through our directory system, while also updating your profile and password. Conveniently access all modules included in your subscription directly from our homepage portal. Simplify your business management with these comprehensive features.

Time & Attendance

Efficiently manage remote resources with our user-friendly system for time tracking, attendance, and approvals. Customise it to your business needs, ensuring hassle-free operations.

Support Ticket

Elevate customer service with our Support Ticket system. Streamline help desk inquiries, allocate ticket, prioritise requests, and encourage self-service options for seamless resolutions.

Fleet Management

Efficiently manage your fleet and drivers with our user-friendly system. Centralise data, conduct vehicle checks, and streamline accident management for compliance.