CRM Systems

CRM systems automate customer management, order processing, billing, and helpdesk functions. Unity AI Software advocates custom solutions for better alignment and growth.

At Unity AI Software, we firmly believe in the power of custom CRM systems designed to fit perfectly around your unique business requirements. By opting for a bespoke CRM solution, you can avoid unnecessary features and incorporate only the functionalities that are essential for your daily operations.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are essential tools in today’s competitive business landscape, improving operational efficiency and customer relationships. By automating processes like customer management, quotes/proposals, order management, billing, and help desk functions, CRMs optimise workflows and deliver personalised customer experiences. Centralised customer data provides valuable insights for data-driven decisions, supporting business growth and profitability.

Smaller businesses face challenges with of-the-shelf CRM solutions designed for larger enterprises, leading to wasted features and integration difficulties. Unity AI Software advocates custom CRM systems, precisely tailored to each business’s needs. Custom CRMs enable businesses to choose relevant functionalities, aligning with their goals and customer management strategies. This tailored approach eliminates unnecessary expenses and empowers smaller businesses to maximise CRM technology’s benefits, enhancing efficiency and customer service capabilities.

In conclusion, CRM systems are indispensable for automating processes and optimising customer interactions. Off-the-shelf CRMs may not suit smaller businesses, resulting in wasted features and reduced effectiveness. Unity AI Software promotes custom CRM systems that fit around each business’s unique requirements, unlocking the true potential of CRM technology, and driving long-term success in a dynamic and competitive market.

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Advantages of Unity’s CRM Systems

Centralise Your Customer Data

This allows all of the team to see and understand what is happening with your customer. This allows for better collaboration.

Improve & Automate Sales Forecasting

Users and managers can quickly and accurately estimate the value of impending sales and when they are anticipating to win them, helping to strategically plan.

Analysis of Data

Allows you to better understand buyer behaviour and identify buying patterns to help learn things like sales seasonal peaks and troughs.

Segment Your Customers

Gain a better understanding of your customers and help to identify commonalities in your customers. This allows you to tailor messages to each customer group.

Track & Improve Marketing Performance

Schedule, log, and allocate activities for you and your team to ensure that campaigns are ran more efficiently and the activities are completed on time.

Improved Reporting

With all the data around your customers, marketing, and sales activity in one place it makes it easy to collate data to provide reports to analyse performance.

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