Support Ticket

Elevate customer service with our Support Ticket system. Streamline help desk inquiries, allocate tickets, prioritise requests, and encourage self-service options for seamless resolutions.

Save time managing your customer service enquiries with our Support Ticket system. With this, you can log, track, and manage all help desk enquiries from your customers in one place.

Browse some of the key components:

  • Quickly capture key information when logging help desk requests by allocating support tickets to specific users and departments and create activities to track progress.
  • Prioritise helpdesk tickets with time sensitive requests by marketing as a priority. This feature will have it appear at the top of the active ticket list in an easy-to-view display.
  • A self-service component to let your customers take control! With our self-service option, they can raise support requests and check on their status without emailing or calling you. This frees up your team to proactively resolve more complex cases.
  • Easy to use log resolutions with frequent issues. This helps improve collaboration and learning throughout your business and ensures important process information is retained.

With our Support Ticket system, you’ll improve the quality of your interactions with customers, streamline your internal processes and boost collaboration across your team.

Efficiently resolve customer issues with our support ticket system!

Say goodbye to manual tracking and hello to streamlined support. Elevate customer satisfaction and boost team productivity.

Advantages of Unity’s Support Ticket

Share Important Support Case Details

All support tickets are stored centrally, and updates are in real time so all your team can access support tickets easily.

Escalate Tickets to Highlight Priorities

All support cases are important but some need to be resolved urgently. Tickets can be prioritised to highlight and elevate them to the top of the board.

Empower Customers with Self Service

Free up your team’s time and ensure that customers don’t suffer from delays in requests. Customers can log on to raise new support cases and view updates on current cases.

Helps Maintain Consistent Standards

Tickets are assigned to departments and users helping to ensure that support cases are resolved as per SLA specifications and in line with customer expectations.

Allows you to Analyse Customer Environments

View tickets to identify patterns to help unearth underlying issues which will help you better manage customer infrastructure.

Improve Communication with Customers

With inbuilt notifications and chat, communication with customers is straightforward, quick, and direct enabling you to build better relationships.

Enhance your support process now!

With our support ticket system, you can prioritise, assign, and track customer inquiries effortlessly. Empower your support team with the tools they need to deliver exceptional service. Don’t wait – take charge of your customer support today!

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