Fleet Management

Efficiently manage your fleet and drivers with our user-friendly system. Centralise data, conduct vehicle checks, and streamline accident management for compliance.

Company vehicles are a valuable asset. It’s crucial to have a system in place to manage your fleet and drivers from commercial, health & safety, and legal perspectives. After all, it’s the business’ responsibility to protect its vehicles and drivers. These benefits will help you get there:

  • A user-friendly dashboard helping you store essential data in one place, making it easy to access and manage.
  • An auditing system so you can conduct regular vehicle checks, identify issues, and ensure your vehicles are roadworthy.
  • Vehicles allocation options so you can be flexible in modern businesses. From swapping vehicles to sharing them among drivers in a crew, assign your vehicles during periods of use or non-use.
  • A stress-fee, built-in process for dealing with road accidents. Drivers and managers can record accident details and log correspondence with ease, making dealing with paperwork and insurance parties more straightforward.

With our system, you can manage your fleet and drivers efficiently, all while maintaining legal compliance.

Optimise your fleet with us!

Enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety with our cutting-edge fleet management solutions. Take control of your vehicles and operations today for a smoother, more profitable fleet.

Advantages of Unity’s Fleet Management

Helps Ensure Compliance

Employers have a duty of care to carry out regular checks on drivers and endorsements to ensure they are valid to drive your vehicles.

Expand Vehicle Lifespan

By monitoring vehicles through regular audits fleet managers can identify issues earlier and resolve them before they become bigger and costlier.

Improve Driver Safety

As vehicles are monitored, assessed, and repaired more frequently you can be assured that your vehicles are safe to drive.

Plan Maintenance & Service Scheduling

Limit the impact of vehicles being of the road by planning repairs, servicing, and MOTs at times where it has as minimal impact on your business as possible.

Centralise Vehicle & Driver Data

Keep all this important information in one, easily accessible place available anywhere and on any device. No more difficult to access spreadsheets.

Manage Vehicles and Assess Roadworthiness

Your vehicles are important company assets so it’s essential to manage them properly to get a longer life/residual value. It also helps your company from a Health & Safety & Compliance viewpoint.

Ready to elevate your fleet performance? Discover the power of our fleet management!

From tracking to advanced analytics, we’ve got you covered. Maximise productivity and minimise downtime – join us now to revolutionise your fleet operations!

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